University of California, Riverside

Business and Administrative Services

BAS Unit Core Values

(Revised 2/23/00)
We are committed to:
    • Delivering services on time as promised
    • Meeting customers' quality expectations
    • Providing cost effective services (within budget, competitively priced).
    • Providing courteous services with a smile.
    • Delighting the customer (every time, every job, every day).
    • If we stumble in providing service excellence, we'll offer remedies quickly.
    • We will admit mistakes.
    • We will give credit where credit is due.
    • We will tell the truth (even when it hurts).
    • We will fulfill our commitments (no false promises).
    • We will operate with open agendas, not hidden ones.
    • We will act, listen, and respond with sincerity.
    • We will correct false impressions.
    • We will seek to understand and follow the principles underlying policy.
    • We will maintain confidentiality.
    • We will not pass on rumors.
    • We will keep people informed that have a need to know (no secrets).
    • We will support equitable and fair treatment of others.
    • We will share all relevant information.
    • We will give positive, supportive reinforcement to others.
    • We will foster teamwork and partnering relationships.
    • We will provide a good physical work environment.
    • We will be dedicated to each other's and the campus' success.
    • We will support and encourage responsible risk taking to meet customer needs.
    • We will provide safe work environments that protect and enhance personal health and welfare.
    • We will encourage and support employee education and training.

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