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Business and Administrative Services

Chancellor Wilcox, Lisa Laws, and VC Coley

BAS Management Team's Conversation with the Chancellor

By Karen Springer On MARCH 29, 2017

On Tuesday, March 28, BAS managers had the privilege of meeting with Chancellor Wilcox in an intimate and personal setting at the Alumni & Visitors Center. Lisa Laws, Assistant Director of Residential Services and BLAZE Intern, asked the Chancellor 20 questions submitted by BAS managers that fell into five categories at the hour-long meeting:

  • Operations
  • Climate
  • Staff
  • Facilities/Technology
  • Enrollment

The Chancellor opened the session saying that it is an exciting time to be at UCR and noted that graduation rates have increased by 11% in the last three years and external research funding has increased by 40%. Additionally, UCR received over 50,000 applications for 4,500 seats this year and is continuing to grow in popularity. He encouraged the audience to keep an eye on the bigger prize, focus on progress, and asked for assistance and continued patience as we continue to rethink transactional as well as, relational processes.

The Chancellor encouraged BAS members to track Campus Conversation reports carefully as they cover domains of information that touch BAS directly. He explained that next steps are still evolving and invited advice in that regard. Information about these special collaborative events, including webcasts when available, can be found by clicking here and through the following links.

Campus Conversation #1 - Campus Updates and Accomplishments
Campus Conversation #2 - Facilities, Infrastructure, and Capital Projects
Campus Conversation #3 - Student Success
Campus Conversation #4 - Human Resources

About his lasting legacy, the Chancellor said that he would like to leave things in such great shape that years from now, no future
Chancellor will say, “what were they thinking when…?”

To learn more about this meeting and the Chancellor’s responses, please speak with a member of your department’s management team.  To learn more about BAS' BLAZE Internship Program, please contact Director of Staff Training & Development, Kim Allain.

Please note: Campus Conversation #5 has been planned for Wednesday, May 10 from 12:00 - 1:00 P.M. at the Alumni & Visitors Center.  ALL ARE INVITED AND ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND. Please watch your email for additional information from the Chancellor’s Office about this upcoming event. 

BAS News

VC BAS New Staff Orientation

Welcome New BAS Staff!

By Karen Springer On APRIL 10, 2017

Vice Chancellor Coley hosted a welcome reception and orientation for new BAS staff on Monday, April 10. The Vice Chancellor's reception is a newly implemented program that occurs bi-monthly and includes new employees and their most senior supervisor. Please join us in welcoming the following staff members to our BAS family!

Kathleen Cool, UCPath Principal Trainer
Nikolaus Gilbert, Police Officer
Veronica Harris, ECS Classroom Assistant
John Henderson, Director of Total Compensation
Phil Herley, Financial Operations Officer
Angelique Juarez, UCPath eLearning Training Developer
Laura Longocia, ECS Classroom Assistant
Staquesha McBride, ECS Classroom Assistant
Alex Meister, Sr. Banquet & Catering Manager
Shannon Minter, UCPath Principal HR Business Analyst
Namiko Shimizu, Public Safety Dispatcher
Adriana Valenzuela, Police Officer
Kimberley Wallace, Organizational Excellence & Financial Analyst
Joseph Ybarra, Desktop Support Manager


UCPD Officers

UCR Police Officers Participated in ‘Baker to Vegas’ Relay

By Sandra Baltazar Martinez On APRIL 4, 2017

UC Riverside Police Department officers participated recently in the annual Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay, a 120-mile race through the Mojave Desert.

Read more »


Get connected! Follow UCR's social media channels to keep up with UCR news.

Get Connected! Follow UCR's Social Media Channels to Keep Up with the Latest UCR News

Adapted from InsideUCR: Did you know On MARCH 15, 2017

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Vice Chancellor’s Message

Ron Coley

Dear Colleagues,

Spring finds us deeply engaged in both the budget and performance management processes. Thank you to all who have participated in critical budget meetings, presentations, and site visits demonstrating the extensive, impactful, and excellent services that our organization provides the campus. I am confident that your efforts, especially those made behind the scenes, helped to create understanding and made a difference in the outcomes.

As I’m sure you are aware, the Performance Management process and related tools have been revised this year. Human Resources has developed an e-learning presentation entitled Employee's Guide to UCRs New Performance Management Process that you can reference if you need to review information about the new tools and changes. HR’s website also contains a wealth of information about the new forms, tools, and process. I ask that you please give thoughtful consideration and attention to your Self-Appraisal and Individual Development Plan. 

Finally, I encourage each of you to ask members of your department’s leadership team about the March 28 meeting with the Chancellor to gain more insight into the reasons why certain decisions have been made, the Chancellor's vision for the future of our campus, and the important role that we, as members of BAS, play in helping to achieve that vision. 

Thanks again for your continued commitment to excellence.

Ron T. Coley
Vice Chancellor
Business and Administrative Services


Note to Managers

Managers with staff members whose job does not involve the use of computers, please print and deliver to those staff.

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