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Collage of BAS Staff Pictures

January 2018

UCPath Testing and Validation at the Intellicenter - December 2017

We've Gone Live at UCR!

All UC Riverside faculty and staff may now access the UCPath Portal

On January 2, 2018, UCR officially "went live" and began using the new UCPath Employee Portal. Many years of planning and teams of people from both UCOP and UCR, including many subject matter experts from BAS, worked tirelessly to design, develop, test, and validate the new system. In the final days leading up to implementing the new system, over 65 people were involved in testing and validation and filled most conference rooms, empty offices, and training rooms on the Intellicenter's first floor.

Chancellor Wilcox made a surprise visit to the Intellicenter, the nearby off-campus site where UCPath staff and UCR's Project Management Team, along with BAS Business and Financial Services and R'Shared Services are housed, to greet team members and thank them for their efforts, excellence, and dedication. The ChancellorChancellor Visits UCPath Staff at Intellicenter noted the importance of their work and how its impact will be felt by faculty, staff, and student employees decades from now.

Use the UCPath portal to:

  • View your earnings statement (January 2nd for monthly employees and January 10th for bi-weekly employees)
  • Check your vacation, sick and other leave balances (e.g., sabbatical leave)
  • Make changes to your personal information
  • Sign up for (or update) your direct deposit

You can access the UCPath portal at  

UCPath is mobile-friendly on any device and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The portal includes tutorials and step-by-step instructions for most UCPath features. If you need more information, please download this New Portal with UCPath handout.

Should you have inquiries regarding your pay after viewing your earnings statement, please contact R'Shared Services at extension 2-6047.

For more information, please visit

Exciting Events, Initiatives, and Resources

Infographic Image

BAS 2017 Client Satisfaction Survey Results

Our 2017 Client Satisfaction Survey results are in and were released to the campus community on December 14, 2017 through the Daily Digest. 

CSS Infographic

In case you missed it, you can access the full survey results report, which includes a message from Vice Chancellor Coley, through the link contained within the infographic. Please take a moment to review results for your area and discuss them with your department's leadership team. 

Please contact Karen Springer at or x 2-6056 should you have questions or need assistance accessing the document.


UNET Team, RPD Officer, UCPD Officers El Kouhry and Sitca & Children at Highland Elementary School

WOW! UCR's Blue Elves

UCPD UNET Officers Participate in Blue Elf Program 

Children at Highland Elementary pre-school classes anxiously awaited the arrival of the Blue Elves who brought toys, stickers, and messages about safety to classrooms on Thursday, December 14. The Blue Elf program, which focuses on children in low-income Head Start and pre-school programs from ages 3.5 - 5 years old, is an opportunity for police to reach out to kids at an early age and positively affect their perception of who police officers are. "Kids develop biases real quick," said Lashon Halley, City of Riverside police service representative, "if a child has seen officers come into their home on official duty, perhaps even taking a parent away, that's what they know." The Blue Elf program helps to change that story through positive interaction with police officers and the kids love it. In some instances, the toys that the officers deliver on the day of their visit, "might be the only toys that a child receives for Christmas," Halley explained.

UCPD's Blues Elves visited children in both morning and afternoon pre-school classes at Emerson and Highland Elementary schools in east Riverside during the month of December.

Officers pictured above from left to right: Mike Gomez, RPD, Jonathan El Khoury and Stephen Sica, UCPD, and Lashon Halley, City of Riverside.


Donations for Citations

WOW! Donations for Citations Results

Transportation Services received 2,721 donated items for R'Pantry during their inaugural Donations for Citations event. From November 27 - December 15, the campus community was invited to bring in 10 unopened items from an approved item list for a $20 credit towards citations under $100 that hadn't accrued late fees. In all, 245 people donated items, 228 total citations were reduced in the amount of $4,560 and 2,178 pounds of food were donated to R'Pantry! "This program was a wonderful way to have the UCR community support our students by providing them with much needed resources," said Irma Henderson, director of Transportation Services.



Vice Chancellor’s Message

Ron Coley

Dear BAS Colleagues,

Welcome back and happy New Year! I hope that you found our winter break both restful and enjoyable. If you are one of the team members who worked over the break to ensure the successful launch of the UCPath system and that our paychecks were delivered on time and correctly, please accept my thanks and deep appreciation on behalf of all BAS staff and our campus community. I know that many of you have been working long hours and weekends for the benefit of all of us and your efforts will be felt across the UC system for many years to come. What you have accomplished is simply put, outstanding!

As I have previously requested, please take time to review the results of our 2017 Client Satisfaction Survey and discuss them with your supervisor or department leadership team. I am pleased that overall, BAS departments received a 3.86 rating of “good” (up from 3.74 in 2016) and a 33% increase in our overall Net Promoter Score (NPS). While this is good progress and we are definitely moving the needle in the right direction, I ask that you focus on the areas in the reports that highlight where our clients have let us know that we can do better. I encourage each of you to think about and share your ideas on ways to improve the processes and services in your work place.

Finally, please remember my invitation to share your WOW! moments. Let's celebrate the great initiatives, successes, and achievements going on throughout BAS together. Please submit your comments, suggestions, and feedback to

Thank you for your continued commitment to excellence! I look forward to the great work we'll be doing together in the coming year.

Best regards,

Ron T. Coley
Vice Chancellor
Business and Administrative Services


Note to Managers

Managers with staff members whose job does not involve the use of computers, please print and deliver to those staff.

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