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June 2018

Summer Youth at UCR

Summer Youth Programs at UCR

Creating a new one stop shop!

In March 2017, a group of staff members from across campus gathered together to explore growing and expanding summer camps and programs offered by UCR for kids in our local community. The group consisted of representatives from Athletics, Dining Services, Highlander Union Building, Student Recreation Center, and UCR Extension. "I remember running around UCR as a kid for the Sunday concert series at the Bell Tower, as I am a Riverside native," said Robin Hungerford, committee co-chair, alumna, and director of Residential Dining & Hospitality Services. "These are wonderful memories and one of the reasons I chose UCR for my University experience. As UCR continues to grow, we need to find ways to stay rooted and connected to our community, and connecting with youth is a wonderful way to do that."

The group formed a committee and focused on community awareness of summer programs offered at UCR, standardizing & streamlining marketing, safety training for program staff, and making UCR easy and friendly to do business with. Two important gaps that the group identified were in program awareness and the registration process. There was no single source for information about summer programs that was easy for families to find, and registration for individual programs on campus was handled differently. "UCR offers many exciting programs, so we want to find ways to highlight those and make them easier for parents to find as they search," Hungerford said. "We also want to discover ways to work collaboratively with our campus community to design new programs that focus on a holistic and multi-discipline experience with the many talented faculty and staff on campus." 

The committee presented campus executive leadership with a multi-year approach to achieve its goals beginning with the creation of a single website that is easily searchable so parents in the community can find programs currently offered on campus. The website, UCR Summer Youth Programs, was launched this past week. "I’m excited for the opportunity to increase our community’s vision of UCR as a resource for children to grow, learn, and have fun," said committee Co-Chair Leslie Gerretse, senior manager of Hospitality Services. "Marketing and creating programs that incorporate education, healthy/active lifestyles, and new ideas is a valuable way we can show our community what UCR has to offer.”

"This initiative has so much work ahead and we would love to have staff and faculty join us in this mission of making UCR a location of choice for the parents in our community to enroll their children in enriching and fun programs," said Hungerford. Please contact Robin Hungerford or Leslie Gerretse to join the initiative or to have a program included/highlighted on the new UCR Summer Youth Programs website.

Exciting Events, Initiatives, and Resources

Sergeant James Wright carries the torch accompanied by fellow runners  Assistant Chief John Freese, Weiland Bowen, Sgt. Larrie Bowen,Detective Paul Dombrowski,  Sgt. Jessie Orona, Officer Stephen Sica, and Officer John Enriquez.

UCR PD Carries the Torch

Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run

On Tuesday, June 5, UC Riverside Police Department officers participated with other law enforcement agencies in the annual Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run through Southern California. Participating for their 14th year, UCR Officers were handed the torch and Special Olympics flag from California Highway Patrol (CHP)  runners on University Avenue between the I-60 freeway and West Campus Drive. Escorted by marked police vehicles, UCR runners carried the torch to Central Avenue where they handed off to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) runners. The torch, one of three being escorted by Law Enforcement throughout the state, made its way to CSU Long Beach for the Special Olympics Summer Games opening ceremonies on Saturday, June 9. Over 1,100 athletes from across Southern California competed in the Games.

Along with participating in the Torch Run, UCR officers also assist with medal presentations and local Summer Games competitions. Detective Paul Dombrowski, who visited athletes at last year's bowling competition, said "it makes you feel so good inside to spend time with the kids. The pride and effort that the kids put into their sports are equal to what I experienced as a college athlete. Seeing how good the Games makes the athletes and their families feel, you can't be there without feeling good yourself."

Visit to find out more about the Special Olympics Summer Games events.

Photo: Sergeant James Wright carries the torch accompanied by fellow runners  Assistant Chief John Freese, Weiland Bowen, Sgt. Larrie Bowen,Detective Paul Dombrowski,  Sgt. Jessie Orona, Officer Stephen Sica, Officer John Enriquez, and Presley Bowen.


Pathways to Success Leadership Workshop

Pathways to Success Professional Skills Path Program

Develop | Grow | Achieve

Pathways to Success Professional Skills Path is a twenty-one-week program that prepares employees in Dining, Hospitality & Retail Services for leadership roles and the next level in their careers. The program, comprised of 4 phases, offers a balance of real world business work with an online training curriculum based on leading industry skills, tools, and methods. Along with practical and fundamental leadership skills, participants learn the power of influence and emotional intelligence. They consider their "why" and explore the roles of leaders, servant leadership, what it means to be a model, and the impact they hope to make.

The program, whose pilot began in April of this year, is seeing its first cohort of 15 staff members (3 groups of 5 each) participate and took Ebony Phillips, Dining, Hospitality, & Retail Services training and development analyst over a year to develop.  "I thought it would be leadership skills training like leading teams and collaborating with co-workers," said Timothy Olivier, cook at Aberdeen-Inverness and program participant. "I've come to realize that this is more leadership training for me as an individual and on a deeper level. We are focusing on caring about people and their experiences." 

The first phase of the program includes 15 mandatory and 5 elective online courses which provide the tools and skills needed to explore the concepts in later phases. The second phase, or Mastermind Group Sessions, focuses on a deeper learning of self management, self awareness, goal setting, and accountability. Consisting of 4 monthly sessions, the second phase is more coaching centered.

The third phase of the program includes 5 weekly meetings during which groups are given a real time challenge that Dining Services is currently facing. Working with Phillips and a Dining Services General Manager, groups explore issues and prepare solutions which they will formally present to Dining leadership. In order to prepare for their presentations, participants attend 3 workshop sessions on public speaking conducted by University Library Librarian, Manuel Urizzola who also holds a position in Toastmasters. Workshops include: Basic Elements of Public Speaking; Elements of Communication and Delivery; and, Interviews, Impromptu Speaking, and Overview. During the fourth and final phase of the program, Phillips connects participants to My UC Career portal for personal brand development, assistance with resume writing, strength assessments, and interview practice.

"The Professional Skills Path program brings staff who often work in the background that could be overlooked for promotional opportunities, to the forefront, and gives them the platform to shine not only in front of their peers, but in front of their leaders," said Phillips. Pascual Beltran, storekeeper for Scotty's C-Store at the HUB, and program participant said, "Pathways for Success provides the tools and building blocks for our future leaders at UCR. It points you in the right direction if you want to go into a supervisor or management position. Rather than going into it blindly, the program gives you the tools to prepare yourself for that position and establish a network for help. Ebony Phillips is so inspirational and really brings out the best in you. Some of the things I've learned have already given me the opportunity to interview and get promoted into a supervisory position."

Olivier, whose career goal is to become a Chef Manager, said, "I am really diving into who I am as a person and looking at how I am contributing to the way things are. The program impacts all areas of my professional and personal growth as a leader, husband, and father. I'm getting out of myself and getting into other people, and am thinking about ways a leader can make people feel like they are cared for and valued."

To learn more about the Pathways to Success Professional Skills Path program, please contact Ebony Phillips.



Vice Chancellor’s Message

Ron Coley

Dear BAS Colleagues,

As we come to the close of the academic year and prepare to celebrate our students at Commencement, I would like to thank each of you for your contributions to our students' and campus' successes, and point you to our Chancellor's Townhall presentation on May 31. If you were unable to attend in person or via webcast, I highly encourage you to watch the video of the Chancellor's presentation and view his accompanying slides. The Chancellor discusses both looking back and looking forward in a very interesting and informative End of Year Report. Along with exciting news on national rankings and graduation rates, the Chancellor addresses plans for UCR's future, long-range development, and new construction and building renovation timelines. Since many of us will be involved in supporting these important efforts, it is critical that we understand the direction we are moving in. I'm pleased to say, that both our Enterprise Risk Management and Human Resources divisions were highlighted in the Chancellor's presentation as examples of excellence for awards received.

If you are asked to lend your voice to any upcoming initiatives, I encourage you to participate, make it a priority, and share your candid thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. Of particular importance will be the focus groups created by the Chancellor's Task Force on Staff Engagement. I'm aware that many of us feel that we don't have much time to offer, but your participation is vital and important as we shape the future of our campus and community.

As you know, business and administrative services are always in high demand no matter the time of year. That said, I hope that you will make time for rest and rejuvenation over the summer.

As always, I welcome and invite your comments, ideas, and feedback. Please send your suggestions to

Thank you for your continued commitment to excellence.

Best regards,

Ron T. Coley
Vice Chancellor
Business and Administrative Services


Note to Managers

Managers with staff members whose job does not involve the use of computers, please print and deliver to those staff.

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